We strongly believe a successful long-term association starts when the core terms of the arrangement are mutually agreed upon and clearly explained.
Once engaged, we assign you a qualified expert who will dedicatedly work on your project with the minutest understand of your business and an objective to offer the best SMSF Compliance & Audit solutions.
You are free to connect anytime via email and call us for any queries you have. Being one of the leading SMSF Back office Solutions provider of Australiawith expert knowledge acquired working in the related sector for more than 5+ years, leveraging our technical knowledge and practical experience we ensure you the best return on your investment.
We have unit-focused outsourcing, full-time and a build, operate and transfer (BOT) model.

1. Unit-focused Model

Our Unit-focused model seeks payment to Airan Global based on the number of transactions that have been processed for you. We define a baseline price given the complexity of transactions and bill on the number of transactions processed per type.

          Your Benefits

  • Payment is based on the output, enabling you the flexibility to adjust the service volumes based on business cycles.
  • The risk of variability in business process lies on us. You can reduce financial wastage as you pay only for what you use.
  • All the transactions are highly transparent, encouraging continuous improvement for both the parties.

2. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Based Model

This is the most popular outsourcing model, where you pay for the inputs made by the supplier which includes resources, time, and materials. We agree on a standard price per FTE and invoices are raised given the number of FTEs deployed for your project.

          Your Benefits

  • You pay for the expertise of the resources deployed, the complexity of tasks executed and the domain expertise level.
  • Fixed pricing irrespective of fluctuation in transaction levels
  • Easy to implement and compatible with any type of organisation or process.
  • Reduced number of FTEs deployed for your project through process improvements, thus incurring less cost to you.

3. Build, Operate and Transfer

The BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) model allows you to own and operateyour own distant outsourcing centre to supervise the entire process. We help you build this centre in three phases:

Build – Wecreate the outsourced team.

Operate – We manage the outsourced team and executes live projects.

Transfer – We migrate all resources to your company.

          Your Benefits

  • Reduced up-front investment. You can ‘test the waters’ before transferring the resources that require a long-term financial commitment.
  • Cut down management. We’re responsible for all management and operational issues and ensure timely and high-end delivery.
  • The transferred team is operational. We build and operates the team so you do nothave to deal with training and transfer issues.
  • We follow a low to no investment exit policy.