Long Distant Bookkeeping Associate

Bookkeeping or Record-Keeping as sometimes known is the recording of Financial Transactions undertaken by a Business or Individual. Bookkeeping is an important and key part of the Management Process, inadequate or incorrect records can result in poor business decisions being made, it can affect compliance towards tax law regulations and more importantly, it can cost your business money. Whether you are starting up for the first time or running an established business, Bookkeeping is a vital part of managing a healthy and profitable business.

If you run your own business, you would be passionate about managing it well and focusing on the tasks you’re good at. But many times, like most entrepreneurs, you might not be interested in tracking and maintaining the tiring details of all the financial transaction that you perform on regular basis. But in any business, there are a lot of information and data to track and keep a record of on daily basis. Without accurate bookkeeping, you will leave the transactions unrecorded, which will pile up by the end of a financial year, resulting in increased workload and more possibilities of error thus creating a disruption in your everyday functioning. This is where we come to your rescue having a dedicated team of back office bookkeeper.

Why Hire Dedicated Bookkeeper..??

When you hire a bookkeeper team, they will shift the repetitive task of everyday recording of receipts, invoices and other accounting details from you and give you peace of mind to dedicate your efforts and valuable time to your more constructive business affairs.

Package of Services  

  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Due Diligence
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Month-end Financial Management
  • Trial Balance Reporting
  • Petty Cash Accounts Management
  • Accounts Consolidation

  • Regular Client Invoicing
  • Budget Reporting and Management
  • Monthly Income Statement Generation
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • Profit and Loss Account Management

Purchase Ledger Management

Being a trusted Back office Bookkeeper, we help you manage your purchase ledger function, delivering regular creditor reports and completing supplier payment terms to enable them address suppliers’ payment terms and maintain a professional record of trading.

Our dedicated bookkeeper team will help you manage your purchase ledger, ensuring you that you’re always paying your vendors on time. Our dedicated bookkeepers take the burden away from you using the accounting records and tools we have deployed to produce regular creditor reports thus maintaining perfect trading records. We also maintain a clean purchase ledger using month-end reconciliation.

Sales Ledger Management

Cash is king, particularly when you are running a business that too under economic uncertainty. It is often tough to keep on top of debt collection with running your business smoothly. On hiring our dedicated bookkeepers you shift your liability of sales ledger management to us and you are free to deploy your precious time and effort on your other more business focused activities.

We provide you with regular debtor reports, manifesting the length of the outstanding debts. We send out statements to your customers reminding them of the balances due. Taking these initiatives, we ensure that your bad debts are kept to a bare minimum.

Looking for hire a Bookkeeper or Bookkeeping Team? We are available.