Payroll Management Services

Airan Global Pvt. Ltd., a leading payroll outsourcing companies in the Australia, offers a full-service payroll outsourcing service to your business, so you can concentrate on the business at hand, instead of all that paperwork. It’s easy to get started.

Well-defined payroll processing services are mandatory for every enterprise in order to manage payroll, optimize productivity and catapult administration. We, at Airan Global, ensure smooth payroll management services in order to achieve better resource management saving your efforts and time from hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing. We are recognized as one of the pioneers offering high-end payroll services, with years of experience in corporate payroll outsourcing services and the potential to tweak a solution exclusively suiting the needs of the specific enterprise.
Being a valued Payroll Management Services Provider we help you focus on your core productive business decision. We offer quick, on time and accurate payroll services which are secure, affordable, secure, comprehensive and flexible in nature.

Payroll Solutions

Given your business nature, size and segment, we deliver our payroll management and processing services at an extremely competitive rate. Our payroll services are fully customized given the business size and complexities. Our payroll outsourcing services are highly secure ensuring you of the complete secrecy of your sensitive data of your employees and business, their identities other data and potential misappropriation of your business funds.

Services We Deliver

  • Payment slips, bank transfer letters, salary certificate generation, and procurement
  • Generation of offer letters
  • No objection certificate procurement
  • Wages Protection System setup management
  • Calculation of state and federal tax

  • Gratuity payment management
  • Employees’ full and final settlement calculation
  • Selection of right medical insurance for employees
  • Generation of state and federal returns
  • Right payroll manager deployment


What makes us stand out is your trust and our friendly yet high-end professional payroll outsourcing services that are flexible and customizable as per the given needs.

Need more time for business? Contact us and learn more about how our payroll processing service makes you more competitive, efficient and profitable.