At Airan Global Pvt. Ltd., we take the security of clients’ data very seriously. We use security passes to enter our officeand follow other technical restrictionsto access vital data. This includes the use of encryption, passwords and digital certificates as security measures to protect your confidential personal information.
We store your data on secure servers with SSL certificates issued by leading certificate authorities. We deploy document retention policies and procedures. All employees are bound by the NDA contract and our staff use secure logins to access confidential data.

Security Measures we follow to secure your Confidential Data

  1. Only authorized users can have data access permission.
  2. Our every employee is liable to sign NDA
  3. The data migration to external sources are controlled by the prohibition of external storage devices like pen drives.
  4. We deploy an updated version of enterprise level antivirus system for the protection of our every workstation.
  5. 24*7 CCTV camera monitoring is deployed.
  6. Industry level firewall system is used to block access to internet sites like FTP, email, online storage etc.
  7. Accessing personal email or other restricted websites are strictly prohibited
  8. All of your confidential data on our systems is safely stored on a terminal server in a secure data center with backup servers.
  9. We ensure IT policies and security measures are adhered to.